Sunday, February 28, 2021

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Genetic Addiction Tests Convert Prison To Treatment And Rehabilitation: New Hope For DWI Offenders

“We used to think that our fate was in the stars. Now we know, in large measure, that our fate is in our genes.” ~James Watson (Nobel Laurate) It is 6:30 AM in San Antonio; on a clear sunny day, the alarm goes off, and...

Do You Know the Difference Between Panic and Anxiety? Understanding the differences can help you seek better care

Difference Between Panic and Anxiety
Anxiety Can Be Our Friend We, as humans, need anxiety. Why? Anxiety is information. It tells us when we must freeze, flee, or fight and mobilizes our body to respond quickly, without thinking. Without anxiety, we would not be able to avoid real threats to our...

Embracing Our Solitude

Embracing Our Solitude
The Pandemic of 2020 has forced many of us to maintain social distancing as we determine what it means to be alone and embrace our solitude. Many agree that being alone is an unnatural state. People have an innate tendency to seek out other people...

Toxic Moods

Toxic Moods
We hear a lot about Serenity in recovery programs. For me personally, developing Serenity meant no longer being codependent to four dynamics when they show up around me: Jealousy, spitefulness, moodiness and rudeness. It was no small thing to recover from the tendency to take those vibes personally. In fact, it was hard work. Even still, if...

The Bleakness of Poverty

The Bleakness of Poverty
In our global community, the concept of poverty has varied dependent upon our ideological perspectives. Our perspectives about the causation of poverty are frequently skewed by our relationship to poverty itself. There are many variables that might be the causation of poverty: if we...

How People In Recovery Maintain a Support System During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an especially difficult time for everyone as the contagious nature of the virus has forced people to socially distance and isolate themselves from friends, family and their support groups. The difficulties of isolation are even more pronounced for people...


Hey, I have a question for you. Yes you! You know who you are. You're the one who hates. The one who goes around bashing people and spreading the stigma about a disease you know nothing about. You belong to a group that posts...


Grandparents often play two roles when their children have a substance use illness. One is the role of the “Giving Tree” and the other one I would like to share is a more positive role that they play. Grandparents are often the ones that...


It has been a year of chaos, confusion, and complete madness. The pandemic is not the only thing to blame for the pandemonium plaguing our global community. For many within the medical community, from the first responders, nurses, physicians, paramedics, psychologists, therapists, social workers,...

Deep and Debilitating Wounds: Neuropsychiatric Disease Among Traumatized Children

Emotional Trauma and Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) are robust risk factors for adolescent and adult neuropsychiatric disorders. Childhood adversity includes neglect, attachment disorder, physical and emotional trauma, and sexual abuse. Recently, investigators at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas in Austin demonstrated...


To some degree, most of us desire to improve our social status and acceptance, but narcissists feel compelled to. A recent study concluded that it’s their constant concern. More than most people, they look to others for “self-definition and self-esteem regulation; inflated or deflated...


I remember the moment I shifted. My identity, that is. And that simple event turned me in a completely different direction and marked the beginning of the long road back from addiction. Up until that shift, not only was I locked up in a...


Shame is an emotion that is well-known to all addicts. It is often the emotion that fuels addiction in the first place- the feeling of shame being so overwhelming that relief is sought within a bottle or a fix, to avoid the pain. Then,...


It is possible that seeking approval is the single most common, and possibly the most painful addiction ever created by mankind. It can be more devastating than heroin, more addictive than cocaine, and more ubiquitous than food. If this sounds too dramatic, consider the...

What Does That Mean? Early Recovery Insight

Early Recovery Insight
Recovery is the most overwhelming experience I’ve ever had.  Whether in a meeting room of complete strangers or in a treatment center learning to live among people of all backgrounds, the fear and uncertainty I dealt with was extraordinary.  I remember doing my best...

“We Shall Overcome…” Transcending Trauma and Thriving Through Group Psychotherapy

“We Shall Overcome…” Transcending Trauma and Thriving Through Group Psychotherapy
When I was a rookie addictions counselor, I had repeated run-ins with clinical supervisors. The conflicts centered around the abuse histories of men and women at the treatment centers where I worked. My bosses were fearful of delving into trauma. They’d say things like,...

Debunking Myths About Addiction Interventions

Debunking Myths About Addiction Interventions
 We bust the top three reasons why people may avoid this helpful step toward recovery. If you hear the word “intervention,” your mind may go to one you’ve seen on a popular television show or in a movie. “We need to talk,” a character...

How to Get the Most out of Therapy – Some Practical Tips

Get the Most out of Therapy
Therapy is experienced differently by different individuals. There is no magic wand in therapy to quickly and easily fix all problems. Instead, therapy should be seen as an investment in yourself with benefits revealing themselves as the process unfolds. A couple of questions to...

Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey Unveils Campaign in Times Square to Raise Awareness on Opioid Use

Drug-Free New Jersey Unveils Campaign
The New Campaign Encourages Vital Family Communication Regarding the Opioid Epidemic and COVID-19 Pandemic MILLBURN, NJ — The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) today announced the unveiling of a new public health campaign featured in Times Square that is reminding families to talk to...

Secrets to Make COVID-19 Holidays Bright

COVID-19 Holidays
How many times have you asked yourself, “why is this year unlike any other year?!!” while you suit up and put your mask on, or turn on your computer for just one more zoom meeting? Covid-19 has changed the way we meet, greet, and...


Sunset House is a licensed, residential Treatment Program classified as a level 4 transitional care house, according to DCF. This includes providing 24 hour paid staff coverage seven days per week.

The popular Be A Loving Mirror (BALM) Family Recovery curriculum has become the go-to program for families looking to get their lives back AND help their loved ones get and stay in recovery. Our two-prong approach will help you move from obstacle to chief support using powerful research-based tools.


The BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program provides 164+ hours of training, experiencing, and being immersed in the world of BALM and Family Recovery Life Coaching. This program is the first and only full, supercharged ICF-ACTP (International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program to focus on family recovery!

CenterPointe Hospital provides a full continuum of addiction treatment at our Changing Pointe Addiction Treatment Center including detox, 4 weeks of residential treatment, outpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, family support groups and aftercare for life. Our dedicated and highly trained staff provide treatment that addresses the complexities of addiction as well as underlying mental health issues that often accompany addiction such as depression, anxiety, trauma and other emotional issues. Let this be your changing point in life!

Wayside House in Delray Beach has since 1974 offered residential and outpatient services, plus day/night services for women 18 and older suffering from addiction and co-occurring conditions such as eating disorders. In addition to therapeutic services, we provide a wide range of holistic programs.

What Is the Beit T’Shuvah Difference:

  • 31-years of Trailblazing Holistic Care
  • Wraparound Services
  • Long-Term Residential Treatment
  • Integrated Treatment Teams
  • Helping Residents Discover their Purpose


The recovery industry is experiencing faster changes today than they have ever experienced in the history of addiction. These changes and challenges will undoubtedly create an industry that does not look anything like it does today. I am Jeffrey Lynne, and I have been advocating for the rights of those in recovery since I began working in private practice.


The Recovery Research Network (TRRN) is a licensed outpatient adult substance use disorder treatment facility in Lake Worth, Florida. TRRN has developed a treatment platform that includes a health outcome tracking evaluation software to individualize treatment in order to mitigate relapse and support long-term recovery.  TRRN offers comprehensive substance use disorder treatment, including medication to support recovery as appropriate.

Joe Considine has practiced law in South Florida since 1983. His practice is limited to family law and addiction related law including the Marchman Act. Joe works extensively with families whose loved ones have substance abuse and mental health problems as an attorney.



In part one, we culled the scientific literature and presented the best available research to bring forth the facts amid the current controversy. Framing...
Domestic violence


Codependence In Men

Codependence In Men



We are a nation in crisis. There is hardly a family that has not been affected by addiction. The statistics on the matter of...


The recovery industry is experiencing faster changes today than they have ever experienced in the history of addiction. These changes and challenges will undoubtedly create an industry that does not look anything like it does today. I am Jeffrey Lynne, and I have been advocating for the rights of those in recovery since I began working in private practice.

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

The Delray Center is one of the most advanced outpatient treatment centers in the United States. The Center incorporates the most effective evidence based psychological and medical therapies to provide comprehensive outpatient treatment of Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, Personality Disorders, and Addiction.

Bluff Plantation Augusta, GA
Positive Sobriety Institute Chicago, ILL
Malibu Beach Recovery Centers Malibu, CA

Emotionally Naked is a growing village of changemakers focused on all the taboo subjects no wants to talk about: mental illness, addiction, suicide, and grief. The site is in memory of Charles Aubrey Rogers who died by suicide 6/5/2015 in Richmond, Virginia. He suffered from depression and addiction

Not All Aftercare Programs Are The Same! We will help you build a foundation tailored to your specific needs that will support and promote your recovery with evidenced – based and scientifically proven therapies. Help in just one phone call away 786-271-5732.

We are a national organization- with meetings throughout the U.S. Parents with a child addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can find hope in a support program called Parents of Addicted Loved-ones (PAL). Meetings are held around the U.S. and are expanding monthly. PAL meetings are open to anyone of any faith or background as our primary goal is to provide hope through education and support for parents dealing with addicted loved ones. 

Palm Beach Outpatient Detox specializes in the personal and direct
treatments for the detoxification of opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines.
Our success is based on treating both the physical and psychosocial components of addiction.


Villa Tranquil is a unique transitional sober living program that helps women continue their path in recovery from addictions. Following their treatment experience, Villa Tranquil helps women continue their process and lifestyle of addiction recovery. Our program is rooted in the 12-step recovery process, where clients and their families will feel the support of the fellowship of the program. We value the importance of creating a community where respect and healthy relationships guide the culture.

First Step is a detoxification center providing personalized care and assistance for patients dealing with various types of substance abuse. Our team has many years of experience helping people successfully recover using proven protocols to detox.

“Community Counseling for People and Families” Dr. George Stoupas, licensed mental health counselor and addictions specialist, offers individual, couples, and family therapy in West Palm Beach, Florida. Serving Palm Beach County families since 2009. Dr. Stoupas specializes in Family Conflict Resolution, Young Adults, Men's Issues, and Addiction Recovery. Evening and weekend appointments available.