What Treatment Options Are Available With The Florida Marchman Act?

Florida Marchman Act

When a person is court ordered to treatment via the Florida Marchman Act, the treatment is either paid for privately or through personal health insur- ance plans. If the Respondent or their family cannot afford to pay for private treatment, options are limited to state or county funded programs. There are definitely advantages to private treatment if one can afford it. The government funded beds are often limited in availability which may result in delays of the Marchman Act process. ASI will make recommendations for treatment based on both clinical and financial factors. We have a network of treatment facilities who have agreed to reduce rates for our clients as well as making payment plans to accomodate them.

Substance abuse treatment is either paid for privately (cash) or through personal health insurance plans. If neither the Respondent nor the Petitioner has the ability to pay for treatment, the only treatment alternative is typically the use of a county or government funded indigent program.

The Client must recognize that the use of any treatment program that is not paid for privately or through insurance may result in a delay of the Marchman Act process. County or government funded treatment programs typically have limited bed availability and treatment capacity, which may result in the Respondent being placed on a waiting list for a bed for detox or residential treatment.

ASI will enforce compliance by the Respondent of the rules and regulations of the government run program; including sobriety, while waiting for an available bed. However, the client must recognize that any delay in providing immediate treatment influences the overall chance for immediate success.

Should the Client have the ability to pay for treatment privately (cash) or utilize insurance, ASI will present this alternative treatment option to the family and the court as an alternative to the potential delays of an indigent-based state or What Treatment Options are available with the Flori da Mar chman Act? county-run treatment program. ASI works with a large network of private treat- ment providers, some of whom have agreed to grant discounted rates to our clients or in the alternative, create affordable payment plans to accomodate them.

Each addict will be evaluated by ASI on an individual basis to determine what is the most appropriate and affordable modality of treatment. Not every treatment center will be right for every client. Recent studies show that over 80% of drug addicts suffer from other mental disorders, known as “Co-occurring Disorders” in the field (formerly called “dual-diagnosis”). If these other disor- ders are not addressed and properly treated, there will be little chance of suc- cessful long term recovery of the Addiction. Some of ASI’s network treatment facilities specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders in conjunction with treatment of the Addiction. Our thorough assessments ensure that every ASI client is placed in a facility that will address the individual needs of that client.

ASI is specially licensed by DCF in Case Management and we place very stong emphasis on this component of treatment. Case Management entails monitoring all phases of treatment and maintaining the “Continuum of Care”. For example, we take all available measures to ensure that a client who completes residential treatment is immediately placed into an intensive outpatient program or a sober living facility when appropriate.

We are here to serve and always available to answer any of your questions about the Florida Marchman Act or substance abuse treatment options.

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