A Letter From Someone in Recovery

A Letter From Someone in Recovery
 have received this letter which is one among many but it really touched my heart and I wanted to share it with my readers. It reinforces in my mind, how we desperately need a magazine like The Sober World. I hope it reminds everyone why and how they initially decided to work in the addiction field. If we could all help just one person…..
For all my advertisers that have believed in me and The Sober World from the very beginning when it was just a dream, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this a reality.
Patricia –
I am not sure if you are indeed Steven’s mom, but, in the event that you are not, I hope that you would pass this along to Steven’s parents.
I am a recovered alcoholic and drug addict approaching 5 years of recovery. My story is of one who has bounced around the rooms of AA and NA for 25 years before finding somebody who had the solution to my problem and my life. Gratefully, I grabbed it with all of my might, and I have not let go since. The great joy and responsibility in my life is now my primary purpose, which is, not only to stay sober, but to carry the message to another alcoholic/drug addict. I would like to think my commitment would have been the same regardless of my history of failure to find hope and clarity in 12-step rooms & rehabs, however, this responsibility resonates even more so with me because of my past journey.
Of late, I have been struggling with a decision as to, whether or not, broaden my area of influence and enter the Addiction Treatment Industry in mid-life. I certainly sense a calling to do so, and am aware of the spiritual rewards that would be gained, but until now, it has been a decision I have been unable to make. The reluctance of making such a life change (due to practical and financial considerations) were likely ‘my demons shouting down the better angels in my brain’, as my favorite fictitious president once said.
Yesterday (Rosh Hashanah), I was fortunate enough to be in temple in Boca Raton to hear my nephew Danny singing in celebration of the New Year. Afterwards, while I was leaving, out of the corner of my eye, I was struck by a magazine among magazines, on display in the entryway. “The Sober World”. Hmmm. I grabbed a copy with the hope that I would find something inside that would facilitate what seemingly was a difficult decision. A decision I could not make, regardless, of the inspiration I, already had found. I needed something more.
The magazine stayed unopened for exactly 24 hours until I noticed it on my coffee table an hour ago. Suddenly, I was prompted by character defect of laziness to Google “The Sober World”, for it would be certainly easier than opening up a magazine and reading it – besides, who does that anymore? In less than a minute, I heard the beautiful voice of Josh Groban singing, and I saw the beautiful face of a child who, as it turns out, was not spared from the same exact disease that I have. I never have been sure as to why I was spared by the grace of God, while so many others were not. Once again, I was confronted by this puzzle which, seemingly, had no answer. Now, I finally, had an answer and my necessary inspiration.
Finally, it has never been clearer to me as to what I am to do with my life. What God wants me to do with my life. If I had listened to Michelle Obama just days ago, I might have had my answer when she said, “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”
NOW, I am finally listening. I am listening to Steven. One thing I know for sure is that, regardless of how many or how few soldiers there are in this battle against addiction, there can never be too many – and now there is going to be one more in the trenches.
So, thank you Steven and thank you “The Sober World” for allowing me to hear the better angels singing clearly and uninterrupted. Please know how profoundly your son has inspired me to help others to find their way. If I help even a single person to find solution in the darkness, it will truly be due to the fire that he has ignited in me. I will remember him in just that way.
Once again Patricia, thank you! I am grateful for your clarity and light needed to journey further down the only road I really had to choose from!
Don G.