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The heated medical marijuana debate still rages through Florida – and it will likely continue until the last voting day in November. Advertisements state the mythical “benefits” of marijuana. These myths are busted here:

Myth #1: I tried marijuana in my youth and it wasn’t that bad.

Fact: THC is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. Twenty years ago, the THC levels were much lower than they are today. That is because the marijuana found in present day has been selectively bred in such a way as to increase THC levels. Current strains of marijuana is consistently bred so as to create a plant that gives a much stronger high than that experienced by anyone even 10 years ago.

Myth #2: Medical marijuana will bring more tax money into the community.

Fact: For every dollar we get in taxes on addictive substances, we spend $10 in social costs. Enforcement agencies and committees to enforce legalized substances are created. We need committees to study its effects. Florida will have to form new regulatory agencies to review and oversee policies.

Myth #3: Marijuana isn’t addictive.

Fact: Not only is marijuana addictive, it is a gateway drug. In a survey done of 100 addicts, just over 90% of them have marijuana listed right at the top of their drug list. Often, their drug habit started at marijuana, then escalated to another addictive substance like cocaine, methamphetamine, or prescription drugs.

Myth #4: Marijuana isn’t harmful.

Fact: Marijuana abuse can lead to changes in behavior, poor cognitive thinking, and reduced short-term memory, altered perception of reality, lethargy, and lack of motivation, paranoia, decreased IQ, and anxiety. When used on a long-term basis, users experience a reduced ability to learn and retain new information and permanent mood or personality changes. Studies have shown a link between marijuana abuse and schizophrenia.
Additionally, when adults do drugs, young people inevitably perceive the drug is “safe.” This means that if medical marijuana is used around young people, they will try it themselves. Young, developing brains are most susceptible to the injurious effects of medical marijuana. Regular abuse of marijuana in teenage years leads to a permanent decrease in IQ. Other research links this use to heightened risk of developing psychosis

Myth #5: The current amendment proposed will only apply to people who are terminally ill.

Fact: Under the current wording of the amendment that will go up for vote, use of medical marijuana will be allowed “for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician.” This means that any person with a disease can visit a Florida physician and if the doctor decides the individuals’ disease is debilitating, he can be prescribed marijuana. If the recent fiasco of pill mills is any indication of what could occur with medical marijuana, do we really want to hand this decision over the Florida physicians?

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