My Life As An Addict

By Meg Henderson Wade

My Life

In October of 2005, my life was about to take a huge turn for the and I didn’t even know it. Gee, there should have been some sort of cosmic sign—

“Don’t come this way to “Alice’s Restaurant”, or like in the WIZARD OF OZ, “I’d turn back if I were you.” wisely said by the Cowardly Lion.

Ah, but life doesn’t spell itself out when we are in the middle of it. It flows along like a winding road and we don’t see the twists and turns and the road that we should obviously take. We just keep flowing along and destiny takes over. This karmic road is set in stone whether we realize it or not and sometimes we are helplessly propelled forward down the wrong road by one bad decision.

I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in “God Winks” and that things are meant to happen and if we pay attention to them, we will be on the right path. However, if we act on automatic pilot and ignore our inner moral compass we will always end up heading in the wrong direction.

All my life I had followed my own self-confident inner compass and marched to the beat of my own drummer, and somehow managed to always follow MY right path.

Wow, what a life-changing mistake I made as I headed blindly down the road with my usual, Ready, Fire, Aim personality—jumping into something without thinking.

I should have paid attention to my inner voice. I knew it was such a stupid thing, yet I was trying to bond with my husband as I smoked the pipe he offered me. Drugs were what finally, sadly tore us apart and eventually ended his life.

Don’t rain on my parade, don’t let the turkeys get you down, don’t smoke CRACK COCAINE. You would think these things would have been glaringly obvious to Moi. I definitely take responsibility for my own actions. I should not have naively, stupidly smoked whatever my husband gave me. I should have been true to myself. I should have JUST SAID NO TO DRUGS.

It sounds trite and simple, yet I believe that this phrase means so much more and has become my mantra. I am on a crusade to educate the public about the dangers of crack cocaine and how easily, needlessly it can destroy your life. I guess the world needs to put a realistic face on addiction. So, I will be the new face of crack cocaine addiction. Hey, if it can happen to this Southern Baby Boomer, it can happen to anyone.

I smoked it once and became instantly addicted. And, if by being open and honest, I can make someone think twice and “JUST SAY NO”, then it’s an important thing for me to do.

There is so much that I learned about the nine months of my life that I was a Crack Cocaine Addict. And being a normal human being with morals and a conscious, I feel ashamed that all of this crazy stuff happened to me. But as Narcotics Anonymous says, “You are only as sick as your deepest secrets.” And as I tell them they don’t have the power to hurt me anymore.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I am going “Out on a Limb” like Shirley MacLaine and confessing my tales of crack addiction in order to motivate other addicts who need help–that’s me, The Southern Baby Boomer who was addicted to Crack Cocaine and found her way back to the right path that destiny had in mind for me all along…

Meg Henderson Wade has been an author, actress and motivational speaker for over twenty years. She is the author of “Confessions of a Southern Baby Boomer” She has performed on Stage, Screen, Radio and TV as an actress, author and storyteller to bring her motivating messages to people throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. Meg’s company Bless Your Heart Productions produces TV & Radio shows and Fabs – Fabulous Author Book Signings where local authors have the opportunity to market their books and speak about why they wrote their story.