As Above… So Below!

By Paul D. Alleva, MSW

planet whirling in sky

Did you know that scientists believe there is a black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy? For those of you who don’t know, the Milky Way Galaxy is our home in the universe and the mother galaxy for which our Solar System is a child of. You can look at the Milky Way Galaxy as being mother Earth’s great grandparent to our grandmother , the Sun. The theory is that the Milky Way Galaxy was born from this intense and immensely large black hole. But what does this mean to us little humans running around on planet earth? Why would I, a behavioral therapist, be writing a scientific blog about a black hole? The reason is very simple: personal growth.

As a behavioral therapist whose hobby and interests are quantum physics, string theory and just about anything related to science and the universe, I have always found it interesting and exciting that what happens out there in the stars is a direct reflection on human behavior, and even more specifically with the ways in which human beings can learn to self-heal and strive for personal growth. So, let’s take our black hole analogy into the realm of the human condition and human spirit.

Out of the darkness of a black hole came the light of the galaxy which produced a billion stars in the universal sky. Stars are fire and light that heat and bring life into the solar system. They bring life into our hearts, life to us! As above…so below!

So many of us are fearful of the darkness; fearful of going into the pain and the dark recesses of our hearts and minds, that we miss the opportunity for serious spiritual growth, and therefore our souls begin to rot like withered grapes in an eternal cold winter snow. But it is through the darkness that we manifest the light, the light within ourselves, our hearts and our minds. It’s where we find peace, love, and evolution. If a species doesn’t evolve it goes extinct.

It’s like that one thing that’s been holding you back; that one behavior you just can’t tackle that has made all the difference, and that one behavior you just couldn’t modify before all hell rained down on you. That’s the darkness, that’s the black hole, and to get through it you must face it head on with patience and discipline. These are a few of the aspects of spiritual growth therapy- learning to face the darkness and building the courage, strength and conviction through spiritual growth to do so. This is how personal growth is achieved along a stratospheric timeline.

There are things that are done to us, things we do to ourselves, things we have witnessed and things we do to others. Overtime, it builds and builds adding to an ever growing wall of shit, hell, and darkness keeping us isolated inside a shrinking prison until will suffocate and
explode. But these walls become what we know, become what we trick ourselves to believe is our identity. But nothing is further from the truth. If you believe it to be true, it will be. If you believe you can change it, you will. The light comes from the change, from breaking through the wall to take on a new you, a new identity, and a new belief system with the foundation that you are all powerful and can achieve all your mind wants and desires, with grace and peace. I see so many people fail in their endeavor for change and personal growth, not because they are afraid of the darkness, but because they are afraid of the light. They have grown accustomed to the darkness, comfortable with where and who they are and are truly fearful of the change because of a misperceived notion that they lack courage and conviction to push through the wall and break free. I feel very strongly that psychotherapy today needs to change to reflect the therapists’ position as a guide through the darkness while incorporating and teaching their patients how to find the light through the practices of spiritual growth therapy. I’ve seen too many therapists keep patients in therapy for years and years without end, a practice that is catastrophically counterproductive in all of its goals. There is no reason for this when patients can be treated by learning spiritual practices with the help of the therapist and support systems. But before anything begins we must not be afraid to face the darkness because this darkness is the father of the light.

As above…so below! As we are connected to each other, connected to nature and the life that exists on this planet, so are we connected with the universe, portraying all of its mysteries, wonders, and beauties within our own hearts. Find your light within the darkness and manifest yourself in a place of wonder and amazement in everything you do in your life, and you will find your spiritual and personal growth!

Paul D. Alleva is the founding owner of Lifescape Solutions and Evolve Mental Health which he opened in December of 2011, based on a new model of healing and psychotherapy called Spiritual Growth Therapy. His newest book Let Your Soul Evolve: Spiritual Growth for the New Millennium 2nd edition describes the model.