Rabbi Jenny Skylark Kuvin, JD, RMT

flowers on the water

“You are amazing! You are divine source energy. You have inside of you the same life force that is inside of all other living things on planet earth. You matter. You can change the world.”

News to me.

In 1995, I was a 24 year old fall down drunk. I had eight college majors, 3 fiancés, and billions of destroyed personal relationships. Most importantly I had no ability to own my power and take responsibility for my life. My alcoholism perpetuated a victim mindset and created an inability to take ownership for anything that happened in my life. In fact, it stole my power and prevented the healthy development of my self-worth. By explaining to me over and over again how much life had hurt me, it left me no space to develop a sense of connection to life.

My recovery began the moment a woman looked at me and told me how amazing I was. She explained that I was a piece of the divine and that I was creative, and worthy, and capable of building a life for myself with the support of this divine energy. She called it a higher power. All great growth happens the moment we choose to set semantics aside and listen with our heart to the truth. She told me I was lovable. She gave me hope. My heart responded because she spoke the truth. She and many other men and women, heard my flaws, embraced them and in turn assisted me in transforming them by merging them with the gifts I had been given.

Over the next twenty years, I completed law school, raised a beautiful son, wrote two books, and eventually followed my calling to become a Rabbi.

This is the secret of recovery: Empowerment and Love.

Empowering and loving those with addiction, by giving them the tools to rebuild their lives and connecting them to a higher power is my passion.

Traditional treatment seeks a reason for addiction; I seek a reason for recovery. The most compelling reason emerges from Jewish Mysticism in that we are all part of the same light. We are essentially all stars in the same sky, and when one star gets dim….so does the whole night sky. We all must seek to help each other shine. Over the past 20 years I have worked in various populations identifying this simple fact: When one is given the support and tools to realize one’s gifts and abilities, one thrives. When one is empowered and loved, one recovers.

It is time to own your power. It is time to let go of the need to focus on your mistakes and instead realize your gifts. There is only one you! You are amazing!
Rabbi Jenny Skylark Kuvin is the host of The Rabbi Jenny Show on 1470am and iheart radio.

She is the author and creator of AHAVATAR: Awakening the Divine Within,The Heroic, Visionary and Healer Therapeutic Model. Rabbi Jenny is the Executive Director at Epiphany Resources Treatment Center.