P.D. Alleva, MSW


How I love my Sunday Mornings. The quiet feel of serenity fills the air with a calm excitement for a time of processing, collecting, and recollecting. Time to plan and quiet the mind in the company of true friendship, companionship and comradery. Time sinks deeper and deeper into something that becomes a part of who you are at a time where your confident in who you’ve become. Sunday Mornings are where I found my heart again.

Unwinding from the chaos of our lives that unfolds like a ball of twine, bringing the mind to clarity as our gripes float away into the rising sun. I used to dread the coming of the dawn and hated watching sunlight appear through the window when I still could not fall asleep. Sunday mornings used to be horrific and chaotic, my mind racing like sandpaper scraped against the brain. I used to crawl into a hole trying to escape my thoughts.

Never, to not have control again!

We have to be aware of the beast that is quietly doing pushups in a dark corner, waiting for that time of weakness to unscrew our skull caps and drop little daemons of anger and hate inside our minds. No food for the beast, surround myself with positives so unique they become real before your eyes and transform the minions running amok in the brain into guiding lights so bright the world has to take notice.

Sunday Mornings, it’s where the heart has no end.

Taking a quiet moment to sit in the stillness of the morning it seems these are the times when worlds can be created and alliances towards a simple mission begins with the fury of passion to search and find peace of mind in a slow steady breath, in through the nose, out across the lips and understand that all is well, all is extraordinary, and know that the future is yours to make with no boundaries, neither physical nor metaphysical, to halt evolution.

Everybody needs the light!

Appreciative and grateful for those still sleeping not too far away, within reach of your arm, their breath so precious you feel how much the God truly loves you. So sorry for those who turn a blind eye to ‘just being,’ and fill the mind with junk and drama completely insignificant to the bigger picture, where opportunity seeks those yearning to be free of boundaries created with the intention of control. I chose to break free a long time ago, but why? Because there was more to me than was showing, so much more way down there, deep within the depths of the soul, striving to come free with a barbaric YAAWWWWPPP!

I Am All Things Peaceful!

I want to send that across the universe, that feeling of pure uncorrupted love to shake the very foundation of the universe itself, to turn the tide on oppression and break the whole damn thing open so we can get on with it and live as we have been meant to live since the beginning, utopic and otherworldly. So my kids can live without the understanding of fear and look upon the human race like the vast expanse of ocean on a Sunday Morning, completely at ease. To tell stories with positive intention and results that can change things for the better, for them, in the name of the human heart.

Sunday mornings, a time to make things right, to settle conflicts because they never truly mattered anyway, and to put away
the movement of the week ,to stop for a minute to recognize
and understand that we are all here together in one universal pod rocketing across the galaxy with a fierce pace towards the light. Inevitably being what they are, we can change them with a different mind.

I bring only my heart!

Sunday Mornings, my favorite time to meditate.

Paul is the founding owner of Lifescape Solutions and Evolve Mental Health which he opened in December of 2011, based on a new model of healing and psychotherapy called Spiritual Growth Therapy. His newest book Let Your Soul Evolve: Spiritual Growth for the New Millennium 2nd edition describes the model.