Rabbi Jenny Skylark Kuvin, JD RMT

“You will never think or feel your way into right action, but you can act your way into right-thinking or feeling.” ~Anonymous

It’s time to move something!

So many times in our recovery we find ourselves stuck in a depressed state. We are unable to pick up the phone to call anyone, share our feelings or attend meetings and be honest with what is going through our mind. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up when you find yourself in this state. It is part of the process. The most important thing is simply to move.

When one moves one sets into motion new possibilities, allowing the universe to open new doors by demonstrating willingness. We are in a partnership with the world. If we do nothing, the world does nothing. If we reach out, the world reaches out. If you find yourself caught in a negative mindset of depression, sadness, anger or fear…it’s time to move.

“All we basically need is to start with one gesture of faith as a token of acceptance. Each little act strengthens the next.” ~Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

Imagine life is your dance partner. It cannot lead you if you don’t move. Stop dancing with fear and anger; they keep you stuck in cement. Stop dancing with the past. This day is waiting. There is a rhythm in your heart which beats with life. Let the rhythm move you. Get out of your head, into your heart. Shake your tush and smile. Grab life by the hand and tango! Move something…and watch life move!

Rabbi Jenny Skylark Kuvin is the host of The Rabbi Jenny Show on 1470am and iheart radio. She is the author and creator of AHAVATAR: Awakening the Divine Within, The Heroic, Visionary and Healer Therapeutic Model. She is also the Executive Director at Epiphany Resources Treatment Center