Rabbi David Dardashti


I call Ibogaine the miracle substance.

Well over twenty-five years ago I was a successful and respected businessman in South Florida, husband and the proud father of six wonderful children. At the same time I was in excruciating pain from migraine headaches. They became so unbearable that I found myself barely able to work and be a good father. The pills my doctor prescribed provided relief for a while; but the dosage needed to be increased as time went on. He assured me this was normal and the pills were safe. I had no idea that the pills I put in my mouth every morning and evening were legal heroin.

As you could imagine, I found myself in the clutches of a full blown opioid addiction. It was very hard for me to accept. I was a business man with a family; not an addict. Impossible I thought. It simply can’t be; I’m too strong. Later I accepted that I was naive. Unwittingly, I had become addicted to prescription opioid painkillers.

I tried to quit several times, but to no avail. Eventually I checked into a detox facility; and after five long days and sleepless nights of being treated with methadone I returned home. I was so sick my family gathered around me that night thinking I was going to die. I’ve never felt so close to death. In and out of consciousness I prayed to God for mercy. It took days for my prayers to be answered. But when the illness subsided I was left in a familiar place – cravings opioids with brain crushing migraines.

I did not question God’s judgment and always believed my experiences were part of his plan for me. However, over time I became very depressed. The migraines were debilitating – I felt like a broken human being constantly searching for relief from the pain. In my quest I’d found a clinic in Mexico that claimed they could end my migraines with an all natural substance called Ibogaine.

Everything I’d been through made me skeptical. This had to be a sham I thought; just one more empty promise of ending my pain. But at the time I was desperate. The migraines were unbearable. So I took a chance. I hired two private detectives to check out the clinic and their fanatical claims. I was shocked when they reported the clinic was above board and their claims were verified. And then I felt something that I hadn’t sensed in decades – hope.

I have to admit I was cautiously optimistic walking up the sidewalk to the center. As they began treatment I found myself drifting off into a dreamlike state while feeling an unfamiliar yet welcomed energy gently coursing throughout my body. It was a warm and at times tingly sensation from my toes to my head. Then I went on an interpersonal journey. I found myself walking back in time all the way to my youth. What I found unique was that I was walking through my subconscious – a view of my life experiences that I never saw before. A voice told me I had very little time and I had to decide between asking questions and praying.

What happened next is very personal to me and I don’t care to share those experiences. However, I can tell you that later I heard what I can only describe as a musical rhythm – the sound of something being repaired. Many of the people I’ve treated have said they heard the same thing.

It seemed like seconds to me but ended up being ten hours. I awoke feeling the changes. Within days I felt an energy I’d never known before. My senses became alive. Everything I ate had more flavor, the days were brighter, colors were more vivid and my outlook on life was never better. People I’ve treated had similar experiences. Since my Ibogaine treatment I have not had one single migraine. It took my depression away and my chronic addiction.

After I experienced the healing powers of Ibogaine firsthand, I realized why I’d become addicted and went through the excruciating pain that I did – I knew exactly what God’s plan was for me and have pursued it with an unshakeable passion ever since. People are dying horrible avoidable deaths by the tens of thousands every year from addictions to these poisons – my job is to end the carnage. “Soon after, with the help of experienced doctors and medical assistances, I began operation of my own Ibogaine clinic.

In the time I’ve been treating people for addiction with Ibogaine, most ask about the negative physical side effects of treatment before we get started. There are very few. Nausea and vomiting seem to be highlighted on the internet; however there are ways to mitigate it. For example, many clinics around the world have a one size – or in this case one dosage amount – fits all approach to treatment. This approach allows the same dosage for a 6’2 225 pound healthy 25 year old male and a frail 60 year-old grandmother. I’m sure even you can see problems in this approach. What I’ve found in the last ten plus years is that a more comprehensive approach that takes into consideration a persons age, weight, years of abuse and so on, combined with staggering the administration of Ibogaine eliminates nearly all the nausea and vomiting.

People are also curious as to why there isn’t more scientific research on Ibogaine. In 1967, Ibogaine was classified as a Schedule 1 drug in the U.S.; and as such, very difficult to research.

I suspect there is another reason Ibogaine is under-researched. Ibogaine is derived from the Iboga plant – a scrub really – found in West Central Africa. Because it is found in nature it cannot be patented. The pharmaceutical industry – who holds sway over drug research and development in the U.S. – has absolutely no interest in developing a substance that they can’t patent and profit from, regardless of its proven healing abilities. Additionally, and based on my experiences, I believe that Ibogaine poses a threat to the pharmaceutical industry’s reoccurring multi-billion dollar annual profits from the sale of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) drugs. Seven out of ten people I treat are on one of these MAT drugs. It is my supposition that the more people become aware of the healing qualities of Ibogaine and the more addicts treated with this miracle substance; the closer some of these big pharmaceutical companies come to going out of business.

So that being said, we are left to rely on internet reporting from people and facilities around the world utilizing various protocols to evaluate the efficacy of Ibogaine in the treatment of drug addiction. Although not scientific and certainly a less than desirable form of research, a common thread has emerged from cumulative reports resulting from the tens of thousands of people treated with Ibogaine over the last half of a century – Ibogaine is extremely effective in eliminating addiction withdrawal symptoms, cravings, the desire to abuse drugs and depression.

From my own experiences, I can tell you unequivocally Ibogaine works. To date, with my staff of doctors and trained medical assistances, I’ve treated over 2,800 people ranging in age between 18 and 83 with Ibogaine. These people come from around the world and include doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, clergy, politicians, judges, lawyers, artists, athletes, business owners, store clerks, construction workers and nearly every other walk of life. Most of these people came to us for addiction treatment. However more and more people show up every year looking for relief from migraines, PTSD, depression, other mental illnesses, job burnout, Alzheimer’s and even acne – all of which we’ve treated with success. I can say with complete confidence that every person I’ve treated with Ibogaine left my clinic without withdrawal symptoms or cravings associated with addiction.

I find Ibogaine to be neither a drug nor a medicine; but rather a trigger that allows the body to heal itself – truly a miracle.

David Dardashti is an ordained Rabbi who continues his learning through the Talmud and Kabala. His studies include the workings of the human psyche – both conscious and subconscious – and the role it plays in substance abuse. He has been known to say, “One can become spiritual only when lifted from the boundaries and limitations of the physical body, and connected to the highest levels of consciousness – to the soul.” In response to a dramatic increase in substance abuse, depression, and PTSD, David began the development of an Ibogaine treatment program and medical research center. He can be reached through his website