Phil Diaz, MSW


We lost another one today. He was 23, young, beautiful and loving but depressed. He OD’d and died. He could help others but couldn’t help himself.
His Grandmother has been a friend of mine for 30 years, this loss shuck deep. She came from New York to collect his ashes and have a memorial. She stayed with us – We grieved together.

When the Police called to inform her of her Grandsons death she said to the police officer that she was sorry that he had to call her with sad, sad news. The officer responded “lady thanks, but you are the fourth family member today”. We have had 132 overdoses in Palm Beach County in the first quarter of this year. This is a massive issue for us and all of America.

All of us in the field of drug treatment are fighting a war to save lives. And many of us are exhausted but still fighting. I have been in this field for 40 years and this is the worst it has been. Our children are dying in massive numbers. This is more than a medical issue. It is a deep cultural and spiritual issue. The solution is more than personal. It has to be cultural. Our society is based in the accumulative of money and possessions and not relationships.

We function best as a group. Whether that group is a family or a community we must return to them. The reason that 12 step programs work is that they bring all the members together in to a loving healthy community based in service. All of us must join together as a community again.

We need to join together to make drug using behavior unacceptable. We must arrest the dealers, close unethical halfway houses, fight against the stigma and addiction and call it what it is- a DISEASE! We must educate ourselves and others.

We must take a stand. This death rate is unacceptable. NARCAN is not enough- besides it doesn’t help if other narcotics are mixed with heroin.

We need to begin to protest publically the blain tent misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and hold the drug companies accountable. We also need to hold accountable the insurance companies. They are simply trying to find ways to avoid paying for treatment when patients are truly sick. These patients are being treated in an unethical manner.

If you are reading this magazine you are about drug addiction or probably know someone affected by drug addiction. If you work in the addiction field you know how horrible it has become and how prevalent addiction is. Let’s turn our concern into action. We will begin to develop local strategies to clean this mess up.

Join me in saying we are no longer going to stand by while our children are killed by drugs. We have to become warriors in the war to take our community and our children back. Starting in July we will be holding a community meeting at Lifescape Solutions to develop a strategy of putting an end to the destruction of lives from drugs and alcohol.

Please join Phil Diaz, former member for the White House Drug Czar’s Office and Partner at Lifescape Solutions and Patricia, Publisher of The Sober World Magazine for this open meeting. There are many families affected by drug abuse and we welcome you to attend. Phil Diaz will be chairing the meeting. The meeting will be on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Lifescape Solutions & Evolve Mental Health– 4723 W. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33445.