Andrea Vallely


“I don’t want to be alone. I can’t seem to find anybody to love. What is wrong with me?” A direct quote from Facebook.

I saw this and replied, “Once you quit the search, what you are looking for will find you. And ahh…how true it is. Whatever we are seeking is already seeking us! Our job is to stop trying so hard and let the universe deliver the goods. All that we desire awaits us in our own spiritual bank account. It is attached to a vibration, and as we assimilate with that vibration, what we desire comes easily and effortlessly. It’s about letting go, not such an easy thing to do when the unconscious mind believes a different story.

Working amongst those in recovery, most of them have sad tales of their past, and they find these stories and beliefs hard to shake off. And that is understandable. There is no order of difficulty in miracles, yet, because we are conditioned to believe that miracles are hard to come by, we feel as though they are few and far between.

The woman that married my husband and I have a wonderful way of perceiving miracles. She would say, “That’s normal” when a miracle would occur, convincing her subconscious mind that miracles are easy to come by.I loved it! We told her we were going to borrow her material, as her outlook is so inspiring! So imagine if we applied the theory that miracles are normal to every moment. Imagine if we started expecting miracles!

The first step is to re-record your beliefs and update them. These old beliefs are so powerful they can become debilitating and I see it all the time. Amazing people in chains because of a negative upbringing or an unsupportive family; a story of unworthiness.

How do we attempt to change our beliefs? First, I ask the question “am I willing to change my beliefs”. It’s crucial that the answer is yes. Then, I ask the question “is it true?Is it really, really true?” Most of the time the answer is no. The story of unworthiness is an implanted seed that is completely false.Recognizing what we believe to be a farce is the first step in erasing the tape.The next step is recognizing that we are already whole. There is nothing more that we need to feel better. It’s just a choice. I imagine filling myself up with this wholeness and experience, knowing that everything is really okay. In fact, it’s perfect.I am a creator. Whatever I conceive, I can achieve.It’s all up to me.Then, I re-write the story. How do I want to see my life? How do I want to feel? And if there is anything in the way, I ask what the belief is, and again, is it true?And what problems is this belief causing me? That’s usually enough to want to ditch the belief. And as I re-write the true story, I feel empowered. And I repeat, repeat, and repeat. Repetition is the mother of skill my husband once told me about a thousand times, and he is right!Every morning I claim to the universe in writing (so it’s official) what it is that I want, how I intend to show up, and my promise to myself. It may seem tedious, yet if we don’t make a claim on our life; we will be floating in a sea of conditioned mess, and living the lives others want us to live, instead of the life of our dreams.

I invite you to join me in changing any story about yourself that is less than fabulous The world is awaiting our gifts!All we have to do is believe in ourselves and the universe will do the rest!

Andrea L. Vallely, CHt. is a certified happiness and success coach and the founder of She is an internationally recognized and award-winning self-help blogger, writer and speaker. She has been heard on numerous radio outlets including Blog Talk Radio, Transformational Talk Radio, and the “Happiness Expert” on The Happy Hour. Currently she can be heard on News/Talk WNJO in South Florida on the “Live Your Happiest Life” feature and the host of Spiritual Growth Radio. Andrea is on faculty at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute sharing her Live Your Best Life course as part of the curriculum for their Health Educator Program. She is the director for Spiritual Growth Therapy and a personal coach and group leader at Lifescape Solutions and Evolve Mental Health.