Dr. Jon Connelly


THE POWER OF HEARTBREAK:Valentine’s Day has just passed and not all of us are feeling the love. The truth is, this time of year can be difficult for many people who don’t have that special love in their life or have not been able to move on from a difficult breakup. The fact is, 71% of people admit that they think about their ex too much and this number jumps to 81% when you narrow to single people alone. More than half of these single people surveyed (57%) admit that thinking about their previous partner plays a key factor in preventing them from finding a new partner. This is not just a female thing, 74% of women and 64% of men claim to think about their ex too much. A study has also shown that men typically suffer from “lovesickness” more often than women.

The Social Media effect makes the idea of moving on from a breakup even more daunting, with 59% of people surveyed admitting they stayed Facebook “friends” with their former partner even after the breakup. The world of digital photos forces us to be reminded of once happier times with our ex. We are bombarded with, “happy” photos of couples on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We are subject to engagement announcements and perfectly-staged engagement photos and wedding celebrations while we continue to suffer our own heartbreak silently.

The good news is, you are not alone. The average woman will have her heart broken twice before finding that special someone. She will have lived with one ex-partner and been stood up twice. Men will also face being stood up twice and having six one-night stands. Men and women both face the risk of being cheated on at least once in their lifetime in their quest to find that special someone. Based on these numbers and the average lifespan of the current population, on any given day over 500,000 people are ending their relationships.

● Difficulty functioning at school or work
● Feelings of alienation or lack of purpose
● Rage, resentment or jealousy
● Feelings of guilt
● Self-loathing
● Isolation
● Poor decisions that may lead to jumping into unhealthy relationships
● Drowning of sorrows through drugs or alcoholWhile breakups can happen to all types of people and on a daily basis, this does not make them any easier or minimize the power of a broken heart. Heartbreak can feel like a hurt that will never go away and can lead to feelings of deep and prolonged sadness. Heartbreak can also lead you to engage in self-destructive behaviors. Some symptoms may include:

Your friends may be tired of hearing about your breakup and encourage you to “let it go” or “get back out there” but what they don’t realize is that this heartbreak goes so deep that it may be out of your control to “just move on”.

Dr. Jon Connelly and Rapid Heartbreak Resolution have developed an innovative process that can end the pain you feel from heartbreak in a single meeting. While this may sound “too good to be true” we have countless testimonials of people admitting that they felt better instantly and can leave feeling happier and like a weight has been lifted. These painless methods will shift the way your mind processes information so the pain simply stops. This does not mean that pain has been numbed or blocked, but instead the feelings are no longer generated.

As you are reading this magazine and taking in the information, you are on one level. There is another level that is below the conscious of awareness. That level is actually what is triggering what you think and what you do. For example, you may think “I know it would be good if I stopped thinking about my ex and went on some dates but why can’t I get myself to do it?” What you are doing is affected by what you are thinking and what you are feeling. Do you consciously decide what to think and feel? NO. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that you should be able to change what you have been doing, or feeling, or thinking. This method will get this change to happen below the level of conscious awareness while you are still awake and alert. We can alter the way you automatically feel and think which will change how you handle this heartbreak moving forward.

The results are astounding. After one session, you will be thinking, feeling and acting the way you would like, actually better than you would like. What you think you want to feel is affected by where your mind has been and the heartbreak that you have suffered. This process will get your mind working better than you could have conceived it to work. Not only will the pain you have carried with you be gone, but you won’t have any feelings towards it anymore. Those memories are automatically replaced with good memories and the internal conflict that can occur with heartbreak is cleared.

Take the steps to find out if Rapid Heartbreak Resolution can end your pain. The process has proven so effective that payment is actually refused if you aren’t satisfied. Visit EndHeartbreak.com to hear real stories of people that have been transformed from this revolutionary process. You literally have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Dr. Jon Connelly is the creator of Rapid Heartbreak Resolution® and Rapid Resolution Therapy®. He has worked with thousands of individuals to end heartbreak and resolve trauma. He is the author of “Life Changing Conversations – The Power of Transformational Communication” which demonstrates that personal transformation can be facilitated in a single meeting. Dr. Connelly also hosts over 50 workshops each year to train thousands of mental health professionals on this unique process. He is also the founder of The Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence (ISSV), a non-profit corporation dedicated to ensuring victims of sexual violence no longer have to suffer regardless of their ability to pay.