Gary Greenberg

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All of us have goals we hope to accomplish.

Those in recovery, who are trying hard to stay sober, need all the self-motivation they can muster to achieve their goals.

Unlike motivation offered by others, self-motivation comes from within.

Instead of external motivation which is temporary and will dissolve in a few hours or a few days, self-motivation is a developed skill that can be practiced daily until one day, you have become master of your own life.

My new book, No One Is Coming (Find Your Power In Self-Motivation) is designed to help readers rekindle that inner motivation and discover a clear path to who they want to become. This book is based on a unique, understandable and useful philosophy that recognizes we can achieve whatever we want if we just understand and apply these basic principles of self-motivation.

The book lists 10 STEPS – each a Chapter – that every reader can use to help realize his or her goals and dreams.

Chapter 1 – Read, Read, Read
Inspiration can help you find self-motivation and one of the best ways to get inspired is to read. For self-motivation, it is often good to read stories about the success of others, anyone who has overcome adversity to reach selected goals. Reading and learning from examples set by others can help you become energized toward achieving your goals.

Chapter 2 – Rethink The Way You Think
There are times when we think with our emotions rather than
our intellect, and when we are guided by our feelings instead of our thoughts, which may lead us into trouble. Rather than let our emotions take control, we need to never lose sight of our goals and think like a strategic warrior– a real-world Jedi, who keeps his or her ultimate goals in mind. Then we are able to make better decisions crucial to our success.

Chapter 3 – Find Your Passion and Purpose
Passion helps us achieve our goals. Its energy is also a self-motivator, helping us hang in there so we can improve our skills, overcome adversity and find meaning in what we are hoping to achieve. If you are passionate about overcoming your challenges, and you believe in what you’re doing and the impact it will have on your future, you’ll be much happier and find greater fulfillment in life.

Chapter 4 – Be Persistent and Persevere
Perseverance can often make the difference between success and failure. We have all showed persistence and perseverance many times throughout our lifetime, whether it’s learning to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, etc. But when it comes to our goals, we’re notas good as we should be about just hanging in there. This is where self-motivation is critical, where a focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and what we are hoping to achieve is so important.

Chapter 5 – Discover the Power of Patience
It is not always easy to be patient. There are things we all want
to achieve and sometimes we just can’t wait. Patience, however, can be a most powerful tool. Patiencewill help you make better decisions and can also reduce stress and frustration in your life. If you understand that reaching your goal is a process -an evolution rather than a revolution – you are less likely to be distracted and give up. Learning to harness the power of patience is an important step in self-motivation.

Chapter 6 – Making Friends With Your Fears
Fear is one of the greatest obstacles to self-motivation. For many of us, the fear of the unknown tops the list of things that get in the way. For others, our biggest fear is change, which draws us out of the safe cocoon we wrap ourselves in, but change is how we grow.

A proper mastery of yourself over your fears – a friendship if you will – is what drives us to overcome fear and achieve our goals. As you push forward, remember the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt who said “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

Chapter 7 – Be Bold and Courageous
Achieving your goals take drive, dedication, determination, decisiveness and direction. Often, it also includes taking a risk. There are times when mustering up your courage and taking a step into uncertainty is the only way to achieve your goal. By unlocking that vault of inner strength, you open up the treasure chest of your future where all things are possible. Taking a risk often gives you the opportunity to move forward with confidence.

Chapter 8 – Hitting the Curveball
We all face situations or circumstances in our lives that are unexpected. These situations are often feared, misunderstood and avoided because, like a child afraid of the dark, we constantly seek a nightlight to illuminate what we don’t know. You must understand that life is not so much about how you fall, but more about how you get back up.

Chapter 9 – Take the Strategic Approach
All of us face battles in our daily lives. That is the reality for all creatures in their struggle to survive. The greatest battle of all- is with yourself. Remember Pogo’s famous line “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Most of us think tactically. We see the task at hand and we either do it or we don’t. When we look at that task as a step in a master plan – a battle within the war – then we will have greater reason to move forward. By thinking strategically, you can learn to take steps that will best help you meet your goal.

Chapter 10 – Carpe Diem, Seize the Day
Action is the fire which ignites our dreams, our plans and our goals into a living force. Ghandi may have given the best advice when he said “The future depends on what you do today.” The idea of seizing the day is a simple one, but doing it, is far from easy. There are many forces that can get in your way, but once you have mastered your day and accomplished all you set out to do, you will discover that you are proud of what you have achieved. By seizing the day, you will find it easier to keep moving forward to accomplish your goals and dreams – because they often can come true!

Gary Greenberg, founder of Self-Motivation, Inc. is an author and self-motivational speaker. An entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses, Gary is fast becoming well known for his expertise in the field of self-motivation, having appeared on radio and television. Like so many others in our nation today, Gary’s family has been touched by tragedy with the loss of his brother to substance abuse. He firmly believes this book and the techniques it offers can help those in recovery achieve their goals.,