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In today’s world, we are all too familiar with the drug crisis running rampant in the US. The CDC reported 63,632 overdose deaths from all substances in 2016, and multiple states have declared this a public health emergency. The bottom line is, people need help and unfortunately, many of them are turned away because they don’t have sufficient medical insurance or other financial means to undergo treatment. In addition, many times, addiction treatment facilities are not available within a person’s geographic area or are only available after a long delay on a waiting list.

Even when cost or availability is not a factor, leaving home, work or school for long periods of time is not practical for a lot of people although they desperately want and need help. Inadequate access to treatment can exacerbate substance abuse and mental health problems, preventing the positive recovery outcomes we all want to see.

At our mission is to give the people seeking help another option or tool to help subsidize or extend traditional addiction treatment. We believe that increasing access to addiction treatment is not just a matter of making it more affordable, but also improving treatment delivery by harnessing the power of technology.

Simply put, provides a carefully crafted online therapy treatment program that has the ability to reach and treat more people suffering from addiction.

Our entire team is faithfully dedicated to the same cause, here is what they are saying:

“We’ve all heard about the Opioid Crisis that is occurring in this country. New efforts from health and human service agencies are attempting to address addiction as a complex, multifaceted chronic disease requiring a combination of treatment options and better delivery systems.

 In my long career as an addiction counselor, this concerns me greatly. I’ve witnessed dozens of people going in and out of treatment facility doors, but they all had one thing in common. They needed help. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many people turned away because they didn’t have any medical insurance or the financial means to undergo residential treatment. Many times, addiction treatment facilities are not available within a person’s geographic area, or do not offer culturally responsive care and are only available after a long delay on a waiting list. Inadequate access to such facilities can exacerbate substance abuse and mental health problems, increasing costs and preventing better recovery outcomes. 

 I live and work in Florida, which is among 6 states that declared opioid abuse a public health emergency in 2017. Palm Beach County, Fla. saw nearly 600 fatal overdoses last year, mostly related to opioids. According to the executive director of the county’s Drug Abuse Foundation, the emergency declaration Gov. Scott issued in May was welcome, but Palm Beach County and the rest of the state still don’t have enough publicly-funded beds available to treat people with opioid addictions and over 200 people at that time were on a waiting-list for treatment.

Every week, I have a meeting that is free and open to the public. I provide insight for those struggling with addiction, support for family members who need help, and even provide information for people who just want to learn more. Registration is free – go to – we would love to answer your questions or hear about your story of recovery as an inspiration to help others. “

-Elizabeth C. Carter, LMHC, MAC

Clinical Director of

“Hi my name is Darryl – I’d like to start my section with some personal history-Substance Use Disorder (SUD) the alcohol and drug abuse. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll!” That was a universal mantra growing up in the 70’s. Music was my first love. I cannot over-emphasize the tremendous impact the movie Saturday Night Fever and the accompanying Bee Gees sound track had on me, nor can I deny the countless joints me and my friends smoked as teenagers listening to songs by Rick James, such as “MaryJane” (which was not about a girl, but about his love for marijuana) and “Ghetto Life” – those two songs aptly described life in my neighborhood in the late 70’s through early 80’s. I didn’t want to be a victim of my surroundings by being addicted to drugs and alcohol, or by becoming a drug dealer (both were rampant). So, I joined the Army at seventeen and left ten days after graduating high school in June ‘83. If you would like to learn more (it’s a long story but with a happy ending), checkout my weekly blogs on Facebook

As Peer Resource Specialists, we are your first contact. We have first-hand experience with addiction. We are available to talk, learn about your situation, get you connected to licensed counselors, help get you connected to a doctor who can help with symptoms of withdrawal, follow up with you and be a source of motivation and inspiration. Give us a call – (800) 559 2032

 I have had a colorful past with substance use and have overcome it without traditional Inpatient/outpatient programs. My passion is to help others. I have a background in management and Biblical Studies/Ministry.”

-D.T. White,

Senior Peer Resource Specialist at

Recover At Home’s online counseling provides substance abuse advice and support over the internet or phone. It is convenient and affordable, allowing you to attend sessions with a licensed counselor in your state from anywhere, at any time, that is right for you.

Our team will formulate a plan that fits your needs, including, but not limited to, one-on-one counseling, group sessions, finding a sponsor, and getting you connected to a doctor to discuss Detox and Medically Assisted Treatment. We also have a growing community of peers and educational tools to help you along the way. Financing is available which could make this all cost as little as $5 a day.

The first step is to speak with a Peer Resource Specialist like Darryl. The next step is an in-depth consultation with our Clinical Director for a full evaluation. Our first and only priority is to help people overcome their addictions and live the best life possible. Let’s see if Recover At Home can help you.

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