By MaryBeth Cichocki

prescription for opioids

As a Registered Nurse, if I gave my patient a drug that resulted in their death, I would be held accountable.

April 17,2018- one passenger is killed when an engine malfunctions on Southwest Airlines flight 1380. Immediately, the airline industry took corrective action by grounding all planes. Their concern was not pleasing their future passengers, but keeping them alive.

From 1998-2015, 632,699 Americans died due to opioid addiction. In 2015, 52,404 people lost their lives. You might ask me why I care. My son, Matt was one of The Sackler family’s victims.

In 2016, the death toll increased to 64,000. In 2017, the death toll
nationwide increased to 72,000.

The total loss of life so far amounts to 821,103 human beings. 821,103 families broken, left to mourn their loved ones. Families that will never be the same. Families that will never hear their child’s, spouses or parents voice again. Families that have suffered financially and emotionally, while trying to save the lives of their loved ones.

Purdue Pharma knowingly mis-marketed their poison pills. They are fully aware that their lies are responsible for the start of this deadly pandemic. Purdue mislead physicians who took a drug meant for end of life care and turned it into the most prescribed drug for every type of pain.

Doctors were given perks to entice them to promote their pills. Pills that were meant for end of life suffering were being prescribed for pain that were previously treated with non narcotic, non-addictive drugs.

Yet, Purdue Pharma continues to push their opioids in our country fully aware that their OxyContin remains highly addictive and is responsible for more deaths than the Vietnam war, AIDS, and gun violence.

They refuse to be held accountable for the destruction of lives and all the heart broken parents left behind. The pharmaceutical industry, their CEO’s and founders make billions of dollars while killing thousands of people. Purdue Pharma started this epidemic and it has made them billions. The Sackler family is well-known for their philanthropy funding medical schools and building museums. Hopefully, people begin to refuse their money since it is blood money.

What we demand is that they build and fully fund comprehensive long-term treatment centers throughout our country. They must be held accountable for the destruction of lives. They must be held accountable for knowingly creating a product that would create a terminal disease for thousands. They must build an industry that will treat the disease they created. They live luxurious lives while mothers like me fought and fight with every ouch of our strength and funds to save our children. They need to be held accountable for the death toll their lies created. They must serve life sentences
for knowingly murdering an entire generation of Americans.

My son never used heroin. He didn’t need to. Purdue Pharma was his pill pusher. Matt is dead, yet the Sackler family continues to live and continues to produce the drugs that killed my son. Where is the FDA who is supposed to be protecting us??

I am serving a life sentence for a crime I didn’t commit. Life as I knew it was shattered by the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and by Congressmen who were paid off to turn a blind eye to the destruction caused by the Sackler’s poison. Senator’s from almost every state were paid off with the blood of our children, with the broken hearts of mothers like me.

Everyone here has a duty. We must stand together and hold Purdue Pharma accountable. We must demand justice for our loved ones. We demand that these pill pushers face the life sentences that we do. Life without their families. Life with only memories of how life used to be. Life behind bars! We owe our deceased children. We owe ourselves. Justice must be served.