Thursday, September 23, 2021
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My name is Patricia, Publisher of The Sober World.

I am the mother of an addict who overdosed on a prescription drug at a young age, a tragedy that no parent expects or forgets; but this inspired me to help the thousands of other families that are struggling with addiction. I started the magazine and website in 2012, in memory of Steven.

He was a brilliant young man and had everything to live for.

Taking a drug, not realizing the effect it would have over him, and not understanding the difficulty of stopping it, was the beginning of an end we never expected. I want you to know that there are countless Stevens going through the same thing, near you, in your state and around the world. It is an epidemic in our country, with pharmaceutical drug abuse the major cause. Young people are dying. Unfortunately, many young people think because a doctor has given them a prescription for pills that the drug must be okay, or that if it's in your medicine cabinet that it must be safe. We need to educate them to know that not all doctors have their patients best interest at heart, nor can they watch your medicine cabinet, and that drugs like oxycontin are similar to heroin. They are extremely dangerous, and not taken properly can cause addiction, or, as it happened to my family, even death.

The Sober World

…will present a wide range of resources located throughout the country for treatment and prevention suitable for yourself or a loved one. Each month we will offer articles from people who have found recovery, to doctors and clinicians that can offer valuable information. Believe me, I know how overwhelming it is when you are looking for help, not knowing where to begin – which is why I want to take that stress and anxiety away from you. We will present everything you need in your search on our website, to make it as easy for you as possible. We hope you will share our magazine and resources with others.