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The Sober World helps people that are addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. Readers can learn what addiction is, how to treat their addiction and where they can go for help.Families can learn about the different drugs their loved ones are addicted to, and how to help them.

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Like the minor wave that precedes the tsunami, the first call came in early March from Roger Weiss, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Chief of Addictions at McLean...
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“The entire family is in recovery. Every person in this room is in recovery. The sooner you accept this truth and begin to focus on your own growth and recovery process,...
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Are we doing our best in the addiction treatment industry?

The question of whether we are doing our best in addiction treatment industry, is an issue of decency and human kindness. It cannot be addressed in facts and figures, spreadsheets and...
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Seven Reasons Addiction and Trauma Are Related – A Strong Relationship

The field of addiction is becoming more and more aware of the connection between addiction and trauma. This relationship is a vital one. Research has proven this. Studies have shown that...
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Many individuals with addiction to alcohol or other drugs also suffer from co-occurring depressive disorders. When someone has both disorders independently of the other, each is considered a “primary disorder.” Alternatively,...
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Addiction Alongside Other Mental Health Disorders

Addiction to drugs or alcohol often coexists with one or more other mental health conditions. A 2018 study found that nearly 48% of American adults with a substance use disorder had...
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Substance Use and Risk-taking Behaviors – What Parents Need to Know

“It could be the ugliest person in the world; someone we wouldn’t think twice about if we were sober, but we’d go to bed with if we were high or intoxicated.”...
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Alcoholic Hell: One Drink Too Many

Channeling writers William S. Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, and Philip K. Dick, Josh Brolin, in a brutally honest Instagram rant, described his passage into alcoholic hell: Drunk: when you think you’re having...
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The Truth About Why Your Brain Drives Your Behavior and Addiction

Richard, 38 years old, had gone to twelve addiction treatment programs and failed every one of them. He really wanted to quit. He went to AA but was so...

Is Alcoholism More Difficult to Treat than other Diseases?”

Alcohol can certainly be more challenging to treat than other substances for several reasons. One is that it there is a longer continuum that is affected by genetic and...

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