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The Sober World helps people that are addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. Readers can learn what addiction is, how to treat their addiction and where they can go for help.Families can learn about the different drugs their loved ones are addicted to, and how to help them.

Full Recovery

7 Tips for A Full Recovery

One of the first lessons I learned – and every addict is taught – in treatment is HALT, which are self-awareness cues critical to successful recoveries. HALT is like a flashing...


The current opioid crisis has produced shocking headlines, conflicting data, and far too much tumult and hyperbole by those who don’t understand the genetic and epigenetic influences that drive drug initiation,...

Just Some of The Implications of Legalized Marijuana Pt.1 of 3

The legalization of medicinal marijuana became official with the passing of amendment 22. This issue is real and has many far-reaching implications. For decades people have argued over the chemical risks...
Current Marijuana Discussion

Issues You Should Know About The Current Marijuana Discussion

There are many myths surrounding the current marijuana discussion. Americans often hear that states with legal marijuana are raking in millions in tax revenue and effectively regulating legal sales with public...
Opioid Epidemic

Back To School-Tips For Parents During An Opioid Epidemic

Seeing those first ‘Back to School’ signs elicit a lot of different feelings for teens and parents. At its best, school can add structure, socialization and the promise of a successful...


Anyone who has been through addiction treatment will tell you that one of the scariest moments is the second they stepped out the front door of the facility and walk alone...
Moving Beyond Your Past

Living Beyond: Moving Beyond Your Past

“It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.” ~ Immanuel Kant Have you ever been confronted with your past? Does your past seem to creep up on you...
MCO's and Medications

MCO’s and Medications: Contextual Factors That Influence Psychiatric Comorbidity Assessment

Co-occurring psychiatric disorders pose additional challenges for persons recovering from substance use disorders (SUDs). Psychiatric comorbidity (commonly referred to as “dual diagnosis”) involves having a psychiatric disorder in addition to a...
The Other Side of the Coin

The Other Side of the Coin

The reputation of South Florida drug treatment has now spread across the globe. Whereas before, the recovery mecca known as Delray Beach was a little known fact to, well, many residents...
Seniors Addiction

Seniors Addiction: “How Do We Know If Our Parents Have A Problem?”

We worry about our children, we commit our lives to helping our kids recover and reclaim their lives. I’ve written many articles about the pain and struggles surrounding a child with...

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