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The Sober World helps people that are addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. Readers can learn what addiction is, how to treat their addiction and where they can go for help.Families can learn about the different drugs their loved ones are addicted to, and how to help them.

Don’t Let Anxiety And Fear Keep You From Getting Help Dealing With Anger Addiction

Anger Addiction, there’s probably no person living who has not at some time or another, experienced severe negative emotions. However, when these feelings of anger happen again and again, and seem...
Drug/ DUI Charges

Different County, Different Policies Regarding Drug/ DUI Charges

Drug/ DUI Charges, as a Criminal Justice Addiction Professional in the State of Florida, I have had experience with multiple counties and their individual court systems. Interestingly there are major differences...
Adolescent Drug Use

I Didn’t Know Adolescent Drug Use, Misuse And Addiction

Adolescent Drug Use. Susan B. heard a knock on her door Tuesday, November 19th, 2002, that every parent dreads. It was the news that her 22-year-old son had been shot to...
A Moment Of Passion A Lifetime of Grief

A Moment Of Passion, A Lifetime of Grief

A Moment Of Passion A Lifetime of Grief: Who would think that having a child could lead to years of pain, frustration, and sorrow? If you’re one of the unlucky parents with...

Marijuana: The Back And Forth Debate

Marijuana has been around since the dawn of time yet there seems to be no real “facts” about it. This is indicative of just how politically- and socially charged the topic...
Understanding Comorbidity

Understanding Comorbidity

Understanding Comorbidity, the term “comorbidity” refers to a condition in which both mental illness and substance use disorder, such as alcohol dependency and depression, coexist in a person. For example, people...
Hand Sanitizers

The New “High”: Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers responding to germ-conscious consumers with the development of pocket size anti bacterial products, makers have also unwittingly opened the door to a bizarre new trend especially among teenagers: Ingesting...
Dealing Without Losses

Dealing Without Losses

Dealing Without Losses: By now, in life, you’ve faced many losses: loss of a loved one, a parent, divorce, loss of a career, loss of health, physical beauty, sexual desires, a...
Red Bull

Red bull Gives You Wings, Straight To The Emergency Room

Large companies such as Red Bull, Monster, 5-hour Energy, and Amp, are the essential necessity for many young adults of today. “I sometimes need that extra push to get through the last...
Not Alone

Take A Breath: You Are Not Alone

Not Alone! What a relief! The boys are both off to college and all is well with the world! It’s time to enjoy the Empty Nest Syndrome and relish in the fact...

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