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The Sober World helps people that are addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. Readers can learn what addiction is, how to treat their addiction and where they can go for help.Families can learn about the different drugs their loved ones are addicted to, and how to help them.

Drug Court

An Inside Look at Drug Court

As a Clinical Treatment Consultant and Criminal Justice Addictions Professional, my job is to assess clients in the Criminal Justice system and to determine the best treatment option for that individual....
Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse Skyrocketing Among Youth: Is Your Child Safe?

In the fight against teen drug use, it has been a classic case of two steps forward, one big step back. Young people are getting the message about illegal street drugs,...
Involuntary Commitment

Involuntary Commitment Under Florida Law

In Florida, the law allows for two different types of involuntary commitment. Involuntary commitment of a loved one who is suffering from ‘mental illness’ or ‘substance abuse’ is always a difficult...
Florida Marchman Act

What Treatment Options Are Available With The Florida Marchman Act?

When a person is court ordered to treatment via the Florida Marchman Act, the treatment is either paid for privately or through personal health insur- ance plans. If the Respondent or...

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