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The Sober World has articles written by professionals in the judicial system. Families can learn about the court system and how it can help them navigate the complex web of addiction.There are articles on different drug statutes, Florida Marchman Act, what you can legally do in different situations when you have an addicted family member, as well as attorneys that can help if your loved one is arrested for a crime, drug charge, DUI, petty theft or more.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Options When Your Loved One Refuses Voluntary Substance Abuse Treatment

Navigating the world of substance abuse treatment can be an overwhelming experience. As the Admission Director at a local behavioral health hospital, I am familiar with the difficulties families face and...
A Marchman Act Case Study

A Marchman Act Case Study

The Client was referred to us by a very respected Psychologist. Her daughter was completely out of control - running away, drinking and smoking crack in the “hood”. She was also...
Drug Court

An Inside Look at Drug Court

As a Clinical Treatment Consultant and Criminal Justice Addictions Professional, my job is to assess clients in the Criminal Justice system and to determine the best treatment option for that individual....
Florida Marchman Act

What Treatment Options Are Available With The Florida Marchman Act?

When a person is court ordered to treatment via the Florida Marchman Act, the treatment is either paid for privately or through personal health insur- ance plans. If the Respondent or...

The Florida Marchman Act:

How to go about obtaining court-ordered treatment for addiciton or alcoholism. In Florida we have the Marchman Act: There are many people out there who are affected by the disease of Addiction,...

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