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The Sober World provides information for families who have a loved one struggling with addiction/mental health. We have self-help groups, information on medication assisted treatment,drug paraphernalia and more. The Sober World has some questions you can ask when your loved one is ready to go to treatment. We have lists of family groups, AA- Alcoholics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, Nar-Anon, Al-Anon and Families anonymous.The Sober World provides quality treatment centers, detox centers, sober living, extended care and more. Addiction is a family affair and parents need to learn all they can about addiction/mental health and learn to take care of themselves.

eric clapton playing guitar

The Public Anguish of Eric Clapton

Drugs were a part of the 70’s scene, symbolic of rebellion, individualism, and the culture of the times. While legendary guitarist Eric Clapton is recognized for his role in influencing the...
lonely boy outside with head in hand


As a species, human beings are socially driven. Unlike the wolverine who has been described as the “ultimate loner,” we were not designed to be loners or isolated from other human...
graduates with mask on during covid 19


Hello Graduates! Don’t lose heart. Your best education starts now. Welcome to the world of uncertainty. Fasten your seatbelt. Your career road may be a long ride. But they say half the...
abused woman with bruises peeking through door

The Rise of Domestic Violence

The pandemic’s mandatory lockdown has set in motion an array of economic, political and global instabilities. It has been the catalyst of political and civil unrest. It has created a massive...
mother comforting upset daughter

Codependency: It May Not Be What You Think

Codependency is an issue that is often misunderstood. I know this to be true because of all the individuals and family members I’ve worked with over the years, and their responses...
people riding bikes with masks on during covid 19

Social Distancing, Isolation, and Staying Healthy

I turn the faucet on and sing "Happy Birthday." Twice. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, I obey the government guidelines- social distancing, isolation, and staying healthy. What I can’t wash...
woman in captivity gagged and tied up.

Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and Bondage of the Human Mind

Other than TV, the first time I heard about sex for hire, I was sixteen years old. I had just interviewed for my first job. During the interview, I quickly decided...
graffiti on walls outside


In the wake of George Floyd, I respectfully compose this article. The intent of my article is not to debate or facilitate hate or discrimination. I write this article from a...
young girl and boy smoking and drinking


Historically, the field of substance use treatment focuses on cultures based on language, ethnicity, race, and national origin, with little or no attention to an individual’s drug culture. In turn, this...
college student home due to covid-19

12 Tips for Parents of College Students Home Due to COVID-19

Over the past several weeks, I have been thinking a lot about what it is like for parents who suddenly find themselves living with their bright eyed, I know everything, independent...

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