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The Sober World has informative information on opiates. Learn how people overdose on opiates, stories from parents who have lost children through an overdose, treatment for opiates, and how to deal with a loved one struggling with addiction. The Sober World has many resources for families who have loved ones struggling with opiates.  We have information on some questions to ask when your loved one is ready to go to treatment. There are many treatment facilities in the country and you must choose the right one for your child.

Pain Medication

Pain Medication And Addiction

It is the beginning of a hot summer in 1863. The aromas of a three day battle hang in the air. Robert E. Lee is in retreat with what is left...
Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment And Crime

Sending drug abusers to community-based treatment programs rather than prison could help reduce crime and save the criminal justice system billions of dollars, according to a new study by researchers at...
Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction- Are Doctors Responsible?

Prescription Drug Addiction, are doctors or patients more responsible for prescription drug addiction? Each year in the United States, approximately seven million people will use prescription drugs for non-medical purposes, and of...
Brain Chemistry And Addiction

Family, Personality, Brain Chemistry And Addiction

Brain Chemistry And Addiction. There is no one Addictive or Compulsive Behavior. There are many. Sex, gambling, internet pornography, cutting, eating disorders, these would be the more common examples of just...
Drug Overdose

Wife Of a Doors Rocker Warns About Drug Overdose

I can’t help but think back 40 years ago; to the time I got up close and personal with drug overdose. The Sunset Strip scene of 1966, 1967’s “Summer of Love”...
Addictive Society

Our Addictive Society Part II: The Neo-Opium Wars

I received so much positive feedback and questions from my last article “Our Addictive Society” that I was encouraged by readers to write a follow up. In this second installment my...
Adolescent Drug Use

I Didn’t Know Adolescent Drug Use, Misuse And Addiction

Adolescent Drug Use. Susan B. heard a knock on her door Tuesday, November 19th, 2002, that every parent dreads. It was the news that her 22-year-old son had been shot to...

Overdose Is Inevitable

Overdose Is Inevitable: The word commonly associated with “overdose” is “accidental”. What we will suggest here is that, for substance abusers, overdose is not accidental, but a logical milestone in the...
Staying The Course

Staying The Course

Staying The Course, as a boy growing up in Minnesota my whole world revolved around hunting, fishing, trapping, and milking cows. My parents loved me and my two younger sisters but...
Oxy Crackdown

Oxy Crackdown Brings Heroin Back

Law enforcement has made dynamic efforts to shut down the pill mills that have plagued our South Florida communities for the last several years. As I had predicted when we first...

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