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Preventing drug addiction, alcohol addiction and suicide should be #1 in our country. The only way to prevent these is by prevention education. There are many groups that can help you. The Sober World has information for many of these groups.

Collateral Damage of Addiction

Collateral Damage of Addiction

When formulating my thoughts for this article I realized the first thing I must say is how sorry I am for the need for such words. And how sorry that you,...
Addiction Is A Game

Addiction Is A Game

Contrary to popular opinion, we’re not losing the war on drugs. Our children are. They are playing an old game, Russian roulette, with new weapons. The guns have been replaced with pills, alcohol,...
Addiction Is A Family Affair

Addiction Is A Family Affair And The Family Member You Save Maybe Your Own!

Motivation comes in many forms. For me, it was the pain of watching my son deal with addiction. He over-dosed twice before he was old enough to drive and then tried...
Teen And Tween Drug Abuse

Pills And Pot On The Playground Seeking Solutions For Teen And Tween Drug Abuse

The problem of drug and alcohol abuse has been around for a very long time. It evolved from the shadows of the underworld, thrived during Prohibition, escalated in the 60’s and...
Getting Your Children Sober

Excerpts From The “Getting Your Children Sober” Book

“I found strength during crises and was able to intervene” ‘’When my daughter was in the hospital, I learned to whittle down the problem. I learned not to worry about six months...
The Designer Drug- Synthetic Marijuana

A Talk About The Designer Drug- Synthetic Marijuana: Is It Really Harmful?

There is a drug which is rarely tested for – synthetic marijuana (which is commonly called Spice – as well as Zohai, Genie, K2, Bliss, Nice, Smiley, Black Mamba, Incense, and...
Mental Health, Addiction And Scientifically-Proven Holistic Remedies

Mental Health, Addiction And Scientifically-Proven Holistic Remedies

Why is it that some people can have a drink or two and walk away while others just can’t seem to get their fill? Is there a reason why some are...
Defining Addiction

Defining Addiction

Defining Addiction: This is a typical problem of addiction; this problem is how it is hidden from the people that love and care about you. However, there are signs that scream...
Belief In Overcoming Addiction

Belief In Overcoming Addiction

Belief Is Not Fact – Do you Believe Drugs and Alcohol Have Power? Belief In Overcoming Addiction: Beliefs can be incredibly powerful, in ways you’d never expect. Take placebo studies for example. In...
Family Weekend

Family Affair: The Recovery Team’s Family Weekend

Family weekend, the Recovery Team strives to do everything possible to help those suffering from the disease of addiction to lead a sober and healthy life. In order to accomplish this...

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