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Preventing drug addiction, alcohol addiction and suicide should be #1 in our country. The only way to prevent these is by prevention education. There are many groups that can help you. The Sober World has information for many of these groups.

Attachment Disorders

Attachment Disorders

More and more children are failing to develop secure attachments to loving, protective caregivers. These children are left without the most important foundation for healthy development. They are flooding our child...
From Addict To Charity Event Director

Going From Addict To Charity Event Director?

From Addict To Charity Event Director: Derek lived the life of an addict. His abuse of drugs and alcohol lost him his job, his family, his home, his self-esteem, his self-worth,...
Addictive Society

Our Addictive Society

Our Addictive Society: Thirty-years ago I was as blind to addiction as nearly everyone else walking down the street. It never occurred to me that I might be addicted to anything....

The Overdose Crisis

Overdose: There is nothing more tragic than young lives being lost unnecessarily before they have a chance to reach their full potential. The grief experienced by parents and family members left...
Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment And Crime

Sending drug abusers to community-based treatment programs rather than prison could help reduce crime and save the criminal justice system billions of dollars, according to a new study by researchers at...
Addiction In Families

Breaking The Cycle Of Addiction In Families

Addiction In Families, being born into my family meant that there was an underlying assumption that addiction would be a part of my life. My father and mother were both children...
child to drugs

Your Child Died From Drugs? It Can Happen To Anyone.

America, look what’s going on! Thousands of teens and 20 somethings are dying from the likes of illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, crystal Meth, ecstasy, and dozens of other drugs out...

Facing Down Co-Dependence: Five Steps To Emotional Freedom

Life in the Altman family revolved around taking care of my father and brother. Ever since my first exposure to my alcoholic father, I assumed the roles of caretaker and lost...
Alcohol affects

Alcohol- The Effect On Mind, Body and Spirit

“Marley was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. ...Old Marley was as dead as a doornail.” These few words start the opening scene of one of...
Rehabilitation Center

Season’s Greetings From Suncoast Rehabilitation Center

Season's Greetings From Suncoast Rehabilitation Center: The holidays are here! This can mean many warm, heart-felt moments and can also mean many opportunities for awkwardness and potential unhappiness. At Suncoast Rehabilitation...

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