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Preventing drug addiction, alcohol addiction and suicide should be #1 in our country. The only way to prevent these is by prevention education. There are many groups that can help you. The Sober World has information for many of these groups.

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Pain Epidemic: Are Narcotics The Cure Or The Cause?

An estimated 90% of the narcotics produced worldwide are consumed right here in the United States, according to distinguished researcher and addiction expert Mark Gold, M.D. Why does that matter? Because...
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Managing PAW Symptoms

Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAW) are symptoms of brain dysfunction cause by addiction that makes it difficult to think clearly, manage your feelings and emotions, remember things, sleep restfully, and manage stress. If...
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The How-To On Developing A Nutrition Plan For A Substance Abuse Recovery Program

When overcoming addiction, a comprehensive nutrition plan will contribute to the success of any rehabilitation program so you can get back to a normal life with your family. A credible nutrition...
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Changing Seats On The Titantic: Cross Addiction

Understanding Addiction Addiction is a bio-psycho-social illness that disrupts the lives not only of the person who is addicted but also their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Addiction is an illness because...
Dual Recovery Made Simple(r)

Dual Recovery Made Simple(r)

As an addiction psychiatrist, I have been working directly with individuals who have co-occurring conditions (formerly known as “dual diagnosis”) and their families for over 30 years. I have also directly...
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Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAW): What It Is And Why You Should Care

When most people think about alcoholism or drug addiction they think only of the alcohol/drug-based symptoms and forget about the sobriety-based symptoms. Yet it is the sobriety-based symptoms, especially post- acute...
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A Mindful Recovery

Robert completed inpatient treatment a few weeks ago. While there, he learned about addiction, explored some of the thoughts and feelings surrounding his substance use, and worked on improving a few...
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Relapse Warning Signs

Relapse is more than just not using alcohol or drugs. It is the progressive process of becoming so dysfunctional in recovery that self-medication with alcohol or drugs seems like a reasonable...


“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” ~ Dave Pelzer Domestic violence rarely affects only those directly involved in the abusive relationship....
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COMMUNITY-BASED RELAPSE PREVENTION An Addiction Recovery Movement of the Future

Relapse is the single most challenging issue facing clinicians working in the field of addiction. Numerous relapse prevention strategies have been developed to mitigate this propensity for relapse. Despite these efforts,...

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