Sunday, January 17, 2021


Preventing drug addiction, alcohol addiction and suicide should be #1 in our country. The only way to prevent these is by prevention education. There are many groups that can help you. The Sober World has information for many of these groups.

A Fresh Perspective On Drugs And Crime

A Fresh Perspective On Drugs And Crime

I talk to a lot of law enforcement professional as the North Miami Police Chaplain and they are frustrated. Everyday they go out and put their life on the line to...
Prevention Is Not Just Another Catch Phrase

Prevention Is Not Just Another Catch Phrase

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about the war on drugs. Opiate addiction claims 16,000 lives annually, surpassing alcoholism in many regions of the United States. Missouri, Ohio, California, Arizona, Michigan,...
Teens Abuse Drugs

When Teens Abuse Drugs – Why It Matters When Kids Experiment With Drugs And... drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse is a pervasive problem around the world. Addiction and its medical consequences have been called the most costly health problem in America today. In the...
Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse Skyrocketing Among Youth: Is Your Child Safe?

In the fight against teen drug use, it has been a classic case of two steps forward, one big step back. Young people are getting the message about illegal street drugs,...

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