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The Sober World would like to help individuals return to a normal state of health, mind and strength. On our website you will find many treatment centers able to provide the proper treatment you need to get healthy. We also have an assortment of recovery related articles that you can educate yourself on all aspects of recovery.



“The mantra, taking us into the present moment and beyond the ego, slips through the narrow gate into the city of God.” ~John Main, Benedictine Monk. Robert Schuller (1926 –2015), an American Christian televangelist, pastor,...
relapse prevention therapy


Relapse in most cases is not self-inflicted. Relapse-prone patients experience a gradual progression of symptoms that create so much pain that they become unable to function in sobriety. They turn to...


Al-Anon has saved my life, and I love sharing my experience, strength and hope. This is how I give back to a miraculous program that has given me a blueprint for...
Regaining Trust In Recovery

Regaining Trust In Recovery

Active addiction is about dishonesty, disloyalty, manipulation and taking from people, often your family and friends. Recovery from those self-defeating behaviors is going to take time, energy, and effort to correct. Most...
Difference Between Percocet And Vicodin

What Is The Difference Between The Drugs Percocet And Vicodin?

With so many drugs on the market today – both medical drugs and illegal drugs – it’s important to understand what these drugs are and the differences and similarities between them....
Holistic Addiction

Evidenced Based Scientifically Proven Advancements In Holistic Addiction And Mental Health Treatment

Addiction treatment is very personal to me. Nearly thirty-years ago it was me who was having trouble getting free of drugs. My behavior when I was using nearly ruined my life...
Holidays Loneliness And Being Human

Holidays, Loneliness, And Being Human

Christmas, 1986. I was at my aunt’s house in New Jersey. As always, she had prepared a huge feast and had invited family, friends, and neighbors. (I’m Jewish. My aunt and...
The Paradox Of Power

The Paradox Of Power

The secret to happiness lies within the Serenity Prayer, in that it helps us to understand that the only thing we are able to control in life is our own thinking....
Basics Of Recovery

Back To The Basics Of Recovery- Steps Six and Seven

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. Some A.A. pioneers refer to Steps Six and Seven as the “second surrender.” In...
An Overview Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An Overview Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many rehab centers use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to facilitate the rehabilitation of the client. But what is CBT, and why is it useful? CBT is actually a classification of a therapy...

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