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The Sober World would like to help individuals return to a normal state of health, mind and strength. On our website you will find many treatment centers able to provide the proper treatment you need to get healthy. We also have an assortment of recovery related articles that you can educate yourself on all aspects of recovery.

Back to the Basics of Recovery

Back to the Basics of Recovery: Overview

Back to the Basics of Recovery: As an A.A. archivist and historian, I have had open access to many of the A.A. archival collections throughout the United States and Canada. In...

Detachment… With Love

I wanted to share this article that the Parents Support Group in New Jersey was kind enough to allow us to print in The Sober World. Detachment means separating the personality you...
Window Of Opportunity

The Window Of Opportunity

I had the pleasure of meeting Wally P. a few years ago. I was so impressed by the work he did with people seeking recovery that I wanted to share his...
Spirit, Mind, And Body

Spirit, Mind, And Body (SMB)

It is time to do something radically different in the area of substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, mental health treatment and holistic wellness. The question I continually ask myself is, “are we...
My First Day In Treatment

My First Day In Treatment

Having recently celebrated nine years of sobriety, I’ve been reflecting on my early days in this journey. Although I went to treatment for alcoholism three times in a seven month period...

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