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Spirituality is what you believe in. Whether its 12 steps, smart recovery or yoga on a beach, The Sober World can help you learn about it.

Hand Sanitizers

The New “High”: Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers responding to germ-conscious consumers with the development of pocket size anti bacterial products, makers have also unwittingly opened the door to a bizarre new trend especially among teenagers: Ingesting...
From Surviving To Transformation

From Surviving To Transformation: Hope, Addiction, Loss, And Trauma (H.A.L.T.)

From Surviving To Transformation, the consequences of surviving trauma are complex, making it difficult to formulate a recovery and treatment plan. The most common defense mechanism, and the toughest one to...
Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine And Why It Should Be Your First Option

Not long ago I experienced some chest pain while I was exercising at the gym. It wasn’t very intense and didn’t last long, but as a precaution I stopped at the...

My Friend/Family Member Just Went Through Rehab. How Do I Fit Into Aftercare?

Going through a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a life-changing adventure. And it should be. The person who completes rehab is often different from the person starting the program. On...

The Power Of Families To Assist In Recovery

Fourteen years ago my community was suddenly overwhelmed by the beginnings of the prescription opiate epidemic. In my thirty-plus years of addiction treatment experience I had never witnessed the speed with...
Brain Development

Adolescents, Brain Development And The Turkey Model

Adolescents and Brain Development For the past five years I’ve overseen an adolescent substance abuse treatment center in southern Turkey, near the Syrian border. The boys are between the ages of 13-20,...
isolated man walking alone through alley way


Like so many others, I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and family over the holidays while giving praise to my higher power. There is nothing in this world that...
woman with happy and sad face

Addiction: The Brain Disease

Addiction is a brain disease. The use of alcohol and other drugs causes three abnormal addictive brain responses. These three addictive brain responses make it easy for addicted people to keep...


Take a second, close your eyes, and think about what I am describing. You walk up to a large room, the only thing more energizing than the hot coffee, is the...
woman crouched on floor

Emotional Trauma

There have been many articles written on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma which involve symptoms associated with events such as rape, violence and murder, but rarely do we hear...

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