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Therapy is important to everyone’s recovery and is probably the most important part of recovery. For information about recovery, or finding a therapist, let The Sober World help you. We have many resources available.

The Untold Secret

The Untold Secret

Actually, it is not a secret but more like an aspect of addiction hidden in plain sight. For decades we’ve split off mental health from addiction and alcoholism. The history of...
The Basics of Recovery Amends

Back To The Basics of Recovery Amends: Steps Eight And Nine

Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them...
Loved One's Addiction

The Hurricane Of A Loved One’s Addiction- How to Weather The Storm

Ever drive through sideways rain? Eight years ago, Hurricane Rita was approaching and my husband was returning from his weekly out-of-state work commute. We had five hours until the storm, so I...
Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE can often play an extremely useful role in the treatment of compulsive gamblers. The alternative treatments available enhance the traditional modalities that are used in treatment to form a...
A Fresh Perspective On Drugs And Crime

A Fresh Perspective On Drugs And Crime

I talk to a lot of law enforcement professional as the North Miami Police Chaplain and they are frustrated. Everyday they go out and put their life on the line to...
Codependence In Men

Codependence In Men

Heard at a meeting: “My father was the highest power in my family” Men think and act differently from women when confronted with addiction. They are driven to take action immediately rather...
Holistic Addiction

Evidenced Based Scientifically Proven Advancements In Holistic Addiction And Mental Health Treatment

Addiction treatment is very personal to me. Nearly thirty-years ago it was me who was having trouble getting free of drugs. My behavior when I was using nearly ruined my life...
Mindful Acceptance

Mindful Acceptance as a Spiritual Skillset

Think of mindful acceptance as a skill set for the practice of prayer and meditation that Bill Wilson lamented not knowing well enough in his 1958 article “The Language of the...
Resolving Sexual abuse

Resolving Sexual abuse Through Solution Based Brief Therapy And Rapid Trauma Resolution

Sexual abuse is a pervasive problem with alcoholics and substance abusers. Although studies have varied widely in the last decade, it is thought that as many as 64% of substance abusers...

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