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Therapy is important to everyone’s recovery and is probably the most important part of recovery. For information about recovery, or finding a therapist, let The Sober World help you. We have many resources available.

The Silent Assault on Americans with Addiction

The Silent Assault on Americans with Addiction

Archeologists have long suspected that addiction and substance abuse has been around longer than once thought. Scientists have found South American tribes’ paraphernalia used to prepare hallucinogenic drugs for sniffing, dating...
Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relapse Prevention Therapy: An Overview

Relapse usually does not occur suddenly, nor does it start with the first use of an addictive substance or behavior. Many times, relapse-prone individuals experience progressive warning signs that eventually make...
Aftercare A Must In Addiction Recovery

Aftercare A Must In Addiction Recovery

It is tempting for those who have made it through an addiction treatment program to conclude that their problems are over. Getting help for an addiction is a great achievement, but...
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Stay Close: A Mother’s Story Of Her Son’s Addiction

This is my story, our story: my son is a heroin addict. He wasn’t born this way, or maybe he was and the addiction was there, hiding, all through his childhood...
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Death Of A Family

Death Of A Family:An older woman with red rimmed empty eyes sat by the bed of the 40-year-old patient in 14B. I knew those eyes. I have had those eyes, those...
Levels Of Transformation

The Four Levels Of Transformation

Few of us recognize or appreciate the true power of the human mind; it’s unusual for humans to be fully aware of its effect on our daily lives. However, the laws...
Death Of Robin Williams

The Death Of Robin Williams

The shocking tragedy of Robin Williams’ death has left many with questions. Why did this comic genius suffer such severe depression that he was moved to take his own life? What...
Success Story

A Success Story

I have lived an unconventional life as I lived in group homes from 1988-1991, for as they described it, being an “emotionally disturbed adolescent”. My life in the mental health system...
Psycho-Social Approaches For Adolescent Substance Use

Psycho-Social Approaches For Adolescent Substance Use

Research has shown that early onset substance use problems can predict continuing substance use problems in adulthood. Individuals who seek help at the earliest stages of drug use often experience more...
Trauma: Myths and Realities

Trauma: Myths and Realities

Psychological trauma is widely acknowledged to be a major contributor to addiction and human suffering in general. But as the mental health profession has begun to focus more and more on...

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