Thursday, September 16, 2021
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The Sober World has many resources for those struggling with addiction/mental health. We have Detox Centers, treatment centers, sober living, extended care, wilderness programs, therapists, family programs, and much more.

The continuum of care

The Continuum Of Care

The Continuum Of Care: Years ago addicts and alcoholics were seen as morally deficient criminals and a nuisance to society. We have come a long way over the last couple decades...
Involuntary Commitment

Involuntary Commitment Under Florida Law

In Florida, the law allows for two different types of involuntary commitment. Involuntary commitment of a loved one who is suffering from ‘mental illness’ or ‘substance abuse’ is always a difficult...
Florida Marchman Act

What Treatment Options Are Available With The Florida Marchman Act?

When a person is court ordered to treatment via the Florida Marchman Act, the treatment is either paid for privately or through personal health insur- ance plans. If the Respondent or...

The Florida Marchman Act:

How to go about obtaining court-ordered treatment for addiciton or alcoholism. In Florida we have the Marchman Act: There are many people out there who are affected by the disease of Addiction,...

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