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Basics Of Recovery

Back To The Basics Of Recovery- Steps Six and Seven

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. Some A.A. pioneers refer to Steps Six and Seven as the “second surrender.” In...
The Paradox Of Power

The Paradox Of Power

The secret to happiness lies within the Serenity Prayer, in that it helps us to understand that the only thing we are able to control in life is our own thinking....

Florida DUI Laws And Penalties- Penalties For A DUI In Florida

Pleading guilty or no contest to the crime of Driving under the Influence in the State of Florida has statutory minimum mandatory penalties that must be imposed by the court. That...
Holidays Loneliness And Being Human

Holidays, Loneliness, And Being Human

Christmas, 1986. I was at my aunt’s house in New Jersey. As always, she had prepared a huge feast and had invited family, friends, and neighbors. (I’m Jewish. My aunt and...
Substance Abuse Treatment

Options When Your Loved One Refuses Voluntary Substance Abuse Treatment

Navigating the world of substance abuse treatment can be an overwhelming experience. As the Admission Director at a local behavioral health hospital, I am familiar with the difficulties families face and...
Difference Between Percocet And Vicodin

What Is The Difference Between The Drugs Percocet And Vicodin?

With so many drugs on the market today – both medical drugs and illegal drugs – it’s important to understand what these drugs are and the differences and similarities between them....
What Happens In Treatment

What Happens In Treatment

The first step to getting help for any addiction is to agree to get it. In my forty + (yes I am getting old) years of practice, I have discovered that...
Overcoming Denial

Overcoming Denial

Let’s keep it simple. A is an attempt to break through denial and B is keeping the denial in tact. Where do you fit in? Are you A or B? If...

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