Thursday, November 30, 2023


I hope this page can give you some insight into how addiction can affect a family. After losing my son through an overdose, I felt compelled to speak out and try and help others that were going through the same thing. On this page you can view podcasts, radio shows, and different events where I spoke about addiction and my personal experience as a mother of a child who struggled with addiction.

Featured on Sober Smash

King Scott and guest host, Jonesy, talk to Patricia Rosen, publisher of Sober World Magazine, about the April 2017 edition of Sober World and how everything got started.

Fair Housing

Patricia of TheSoberWorld’s presentation at the Palm Beach County Legal Aid Sober Homes Symposium Description. April 28, 2015.

A Word From Sober World

A true gift to our community, Patricia Rosen, has an incredible insight and puts her heart into this magazine – The Sober World. Providing inspiration and enlightenment to those in recovery as well as their loved ones.

Hope Awards

Hosted by Transformations Treatment Center, the 2014 Inaugural Awards program.

Rabbi Jenny Show

2016 – Rabbi Jenny show on 1470am Wwnn is spritual and the most up to date Rabbi on the Air.