Thursday, November 30, 2023

Steven’s Page

Devoted son, grandson, loving brother and dear friend to so many.
1982 – 2010


"He was a brilliant young man who had everything to live for."

Taking a drug, not realizing the effect it would have over him, and not understanding the difficulty of stopping it, was the beginning of an end we never expected.

"...then everything changed."

Steven had beautiful big blue eyes, and a smile that melted your heart. He was born in August 1982. He went to camp each summer, played soccer, baseball, and belonged to various clubs at school. He had lots of friends and never got into any trouble. As he grew up, composing techno music became his passion, which was way ahead of his time. If he were alive today, we might be listening to his music on the radio. He graduated with top grades from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Psychology. He was a highly intelligent, sensitive young man who helped many people get their lives on the right course. He was always there with an open heart and a helping hand. He graduated with top grades from the University of Central Florida earning a degree in Psychology. He interned at Mt. Sinai in New York, and was pursuing a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Therapy at California State. He could have accomplished whatever he set his mind to do. Then, everything changed.

He was given a highly addictive prescription drug. He  didn’t realize the power it would have over him, he began to lose his way. Needless to say, pursuing his masters degree was interrupted. Unfortunately, because he hid his drug use so well, we didn’t realize the severity of the situation. He ultimately went for help and was seven months clean, when he relapsed and died of an overdose.


I invite you to sign his GUESTBOOK. There, you will get a glimpse into how much he is missed by so many. Knowing how much he was willing to help others, I created The Sober World in his memory. Those with addiction issues need to find help that will work and be suitable for their specific needs. In it you will find all the resources necessary to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to you or loved one.

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